Delivery & Pick Up


For deliveries to a house, delivery will take place during the specified delivery window indicated with your purchase. Please have a clean vase full of water near the door in out of direct sunlight.  We knock / ring the doorbell, and leave the fresh cut bouquet in the vase of water for pick up.

At that point we will take a photo and send it via text as proof of delivery, using the contact information provided at checkout, and to alert the the receiver that the flowers are outside. Due to the amount of delivery orders and limited staff, we are unable to wait at the door for flowers to be received, so please be on standby to either receive your flowers or notify your giftee that their flowers have arrived. 

While we make every effort to ensure flowers are left in a safe place, we are not responsible for any items that are damaged due to weather, theft or conditions that are out of our control. 

For deliveries to a condominium or apartment, we will buzz using the delivery information provided at check out, and either wait for you to receive the flowers from the lobby or deliver them to your door: whichever you are more comfortable with.

If there is no answer we will not drop off your flowers and reach out by text message to confirm the location where you can pick them up.

We are not responsible for any items that are damaged due to delayed pickup, weather, theft or conditions that are out of our control.

Delivery Addresses + Information

We make every effort to deliver your flowers within the delivery window. In order for us to maintain this level of professionalism we ask that all delivery information be correctly inputted at check out and that any corrections be clearly communicated to us after by email. We require 24 hours notice for any change, and please note that the change is only valid if you receive an email confirming the new details. If you do not receieve an email confirming these changes, the delivery will proceed as planned.

We are not responsible for any misinformation provided by the ordering party including incorrect addresses or contact phone numbers. If an incorrect or incomplete address is provided and a delivery attempt has been made, the ordering party may be subject to an additional delivery fee for any attempts made thereafter.